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Daring To Be A Podcast Rebel

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" People launch business podcasts for a variety of reasons, ranging from promoting a brand to providing education to generating new clients. 

Michelle Nedelec combines her love of business and podcasting with the gift of gab to host The Business Ownership Podcast. 

The podcast is a ‘mixed bag’ of business, focusing on topics ranging from the business side of gaming to self-care for CEOs to poker strategies and how they apply to business. 

“I wanted to start this podcast for about three years, but believe it or not, the tech side stopped me,” says Michelle. “Ironic, since I own a tech company.”

Michelle is the owner of Awareness Strategies, a company that focuses on helping businesses with Infusionsofta system for client management that handles everything from email gathering to managing communication with prospects and clients. 

Michelle had with two mentors help her start her podcast, essentially providing her with a step-by-step process for launching. Now, she interviews guests who are a natural fit with one of her pillars—or themes—for the show"

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Achievements of The Business Ownership Podcast

Michelle is the host of 4 podcasts & 1 Special Series within the Business Ownership Podcast.

Not only the Business Ownership Podcast has over 15,000 downloads, but it also entered the Top 1.5% podcasts globally.

All our episodes record high number of downloads and they keep increasing.

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This podcast is one of the top 1.5% most popular shows out of 3,108,656 podcasts globally, ranked by Listen Score (the estimated popularity score).

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